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The House Plant by Jeremy Ray

The House Plant is a touching short story by Jeremy Ray that is an absolute gift. In The House Plant we meet Brenda, a kind woman who happens to find a house plant at her local store and decides to take it home and care for it, and hopefully not kill this one. A tale […]

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The Mandevilles’ Marvelous Marvels by J.E. Miller

Janie and Andrew are two friends moving from town to town, as and when they make enough money, on their way to Fimaldi Hunu where they’re determined that they’ll find everything they’re looking for. Along their journey they hear about an audition for a circus – that just so happens to cover travel costs. This […]

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Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

Ruin and Rising is the third book in the Grishaverse and the final book of the Shadow and Bone trilogy. We last saw Alina after she barely escaped from a confrontation with the Darkling. Now she is in hiding, protected by the zealots that worship her and think she’s a Saint while the Darkling is […]

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