Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

Siege and Storm is the second book in the Grishaverse and Shadow and Bone trilogy.

We revisit Alina Starkov after the events of Shadow and Bone. She is far from where we left her, physically and mentally.

Alina and Mal are still on the run from The Darkling and so far it has gone successfully. The two of them are out of Ravka, they’re taking care of each other, they have jobs, they’re even starting to make friends again… or at least Mal is.

How long can they run for until The Darkling finally catches up with them? What will happen to them if he finds them?

A copy of Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo beside a blanket and cup of tea.

The Darkling is determined to find Alina and bring her back to Ravka. How comfortable can you really be in a new place, building new lives when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, scanning for his face in crowded places and always having to be careful about what you say and how much you reveal?

Alina and Mal meet an assortment of new characters on their journey. One of them is a privateer that they enlist to help them escape The Darkling.

Alina soon realises that to save herself, she must also save her country; setting out to lead an army of Grisha, which is no small feat.

Alina gets entangled in the Darkling’s deadly game of forbidden magic and begins to see just how slippery of a slope she’s on. It becomes very obvious that she has underestimated things and truly doesn’t realise the path that is in front of her.

She must save herself, save her country and this means choosing between her power and the man she loves.

As a reader it truly feels like you are traveling around with Mal and Alina, just the kind of book we all need when we can’t travel at the minute. Leigh Bardugo describes their new surroundings in a way that transports you there beautifully – and I’d kill for a sea breeze right about now.

It is amazing to see the characters we’ve grown to love in Shadow and Bone again while meeting some new ones. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but no one writes characters the way Leigh Bardugo does. The characters are so unique and quickly get a place in your heart, so they can pull on those heart strings later.

There is so much growth in this book for our main characters. Alina doubted herself so much in the previous book, she still occasionally does in this one, but a leader of an army can’t do that and command respect, let alone avoid being usurped. She quickly develops the leadership qualities needed and doesn’t hold back.

This book is like a sister to the original; there are so many similarities and many more differences.

There’s the introduction of real politics, not just the status quo amongst Grishas. There’s so much change that the main characters initiate and have to adjust to. There’s new inventions being introduced that are absolutely game changing; digging deeper into this world and the capabilities of creation.

I reread this book when it first came out about seven or eight years ago, and surprisingly I don’t remember much from this one, but the end stunned me again. It blew me away AGAIN. It was so worth it to reread this.

It is very easy to overlook this book in the series, but too much happens in this book that affects the entire story.

This book builds further upon this world we were introduced to in Shadow and Bone and sets the tone for the final installment.

Season 1 of Shadow and Bone isn’t on Netflix yet and while reading this I found myself already anticipating season 2. I need to see this book come to life.

This is the second book in The Grishaverse. Alina’s journey is mapped out in the Shadow and Bone trilogy: Shadow and Bone, Siege and Storm and Ruin and Rising.
Spin offs have been created that include: the Six of Crows duology, the King of Scars duology and The Language of Thornes.

The Six of Crows duology: Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.
The King of Scars duology: King of Scars and Rule of Wolves
The Language of Thorns is a collection of short stories from within The Grishaverse.

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