The House Plant by Jeremy Ray

The House Plant is a touching short story by Jeremy Ray that is an absolute gift.

In The House Plant we meet Brenda, a kind woman who happens to find a house plant at her local store and decides to take it home and care for it, and hopefully not kill this one. A tale as old as time.

In this story we get to explore what happens when a plant doesn’t want to be taken home, but wants to stay exactly where it is.

Have you ever wondered what plants spend their time doing? How they feel and what they can sense? How we effect them?

Probably not and I wouldn’t even blame you for thinking that’s boring, but that’s the brilliance of this story.

It’s anything but boring. You don’t even need to know much about plants to read it, so do not let that stop you!

I picked this book up because I thought it seemed like such a fun, quirky read. I thought reading such a silly, light hearted story about a plant that hates the owner striving to care for it properly (for once) would give me a mood boost and be a nice change from the more serious stories I read where the main character has to save the world, get acquainted with a new, magical power and change society.

Just a house plant trying to not thrive, but stay ugly, hoping at best to become indifferent to it’s owner and stay out of the trash.

This story did make me laugh and brought an occasional smile to my face and when I thought the story was bound to be over, there was a massive plot twist and things became much more serious.

I didn’t expect it, but it brought more feeling to a little plant than I thought there would be.

This short story is packed with so much emotion and lessons about connections and relationships; growth and adjustment.

It left me wanting more and wishing it wasn’t over, which the best stories tend to do.

I also need to mention that the writing style is great, you really feel like you’re in Brenda’s house, watching everything unfold and get connected to this house plant’s journey. I’m really interested to read more books and short stories from this author after this.

It was a very quick read and probably took me about twenty minutes, so if you’re in the mood for something short and easy to pick up I recommend it. Even if it’s just to read during a break at work.

The House Plant is now available on Amazon.
*I was gifted this arc in exchange for an honest review.

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