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Hi there,

I’m Samantha. I’m from Maryland in the United States, but currently living in the UK with my husband and daughter. I’ve had a variety of jobs in science and social media. I’ve been lucky to work in diverse lab settings with people from around the world. I am currently aiming to read more books that highlight this as well.

Like many other people I was searching for purpose in lockdown, but also something to get my mind off of what was happening. To stop worrying about the unknown. So I picked up a book. I then realized I had really missed the social media work I had done previously, so I decided to make a bookstagram account – an instagram account that’s about books and reading.

It has been so lovely to share my experiences and thoughts with everyone in that community, so I wanted to extend that by creating this blog. I read a lot of young adult books, but I also dip into memoirs. I love fantasy and fiction as well. I’ll be sharing as much as I possibly can with you on here and trying to dive a bit deeper into these reviews than I can on Instagram.

I love having big, open discussions about books, so feel free to join in.

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Send me an email: readingwsam@gmail.com